Radiant/HVAC Valves


Homes, offices, stores, and industrial buildings are typically
equipped with a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, more
commonly referred to as HVAC. These systems are used to heat or cool the rooms
of any building, enhancing the comfort of a facility by maintaining the perfect
temperature. There are many service providers that install and maintain these
systems; however, some people like to fix the HVAC valves themselves. While
this seems like the cheaper route at the outset, sometimes it can cost you more
in the long run if valves were not properly installed the first time, or if you
unintentionally purchase the incorrect HVAC valve.


When shopping for HVAC service valves, first know the sizes
that you will need. Buying ones that are too small or too large may result in
leaks, which will only create further problems. Valves are available in sizes
from .05 inches to 20 inches and can be used on boxes, chillers, ventilators,
and everything in between. The large variety of these valves can prove rather
daunting to purchase and install all by yourself. Thankfully, HVAC specialists
can maintain the system in any building to save you money and provide a
comfortable atmosphere during any season.


HVAC control valves help control the flow, pressure, and
temperature of the air in a facility. Any leaks of these valves can drastically
increase your heating and cooling utility bills each month until the valves are
replaced or properly sealed. If the valves are changed and problems are still
occurring with the system, try to find the leaky valve or valves. Tapes and
sealants can keep these problem areas sealed up and prevent leaks from
occurring in the future. When choosing these tapes, make sure that they are
authorized for use with HVAC systems. If you try sealing with the wrong tape, you
may end up with an out of code system. Major problems may potentially require
having the seals and valves replaced by a HVAC specialist.


It’s recommended that an HVAC specialist come to your home
or office to make the proper repairs to your system. They are able to identify
the problem and provide a quick and simple solution with the correct materials
and appropriate HVAC valves. A specialist should review your HVAC system every
year to reduce the possibility of problems with components and valves,
increasing the system’s overall efficiency and saving you money on the utility
bills. Having an efficient and properly sealed system can save you hundreds or
even thousands each year on maintenance and bills.