Your Deep Water Well Pump: Everything You Need to Know About
the System


Many homes have a well system that provides their home with
all of the inhabitants’ water needs in the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room.
Homes that are usually found in rural areas located outside the city limits
have a deep water well as their only source of water. Each system is equipped
with a deep water well pump that is used to draw the water from the source and
transport it to the home with a turn of the faucet. Unfortunately, sometimes
these pumps malfunction or need to be replaced after years of wear and tear. In
order to purchase the right deep well water pump, follow these essential buying


First, know the type of well pump that you have before
heading to the hardware store or ordering one from a deep well pump systems
provider online. There are three kinds of pumps: a shallow well jet pump, a
deep well jet pump, and a deep well submersible pump.


  • Shallow wells require a jet pump that is located
    above ground and requires one inlet pipe.
  • Deep well pumps operate above ground by pulling
    water from one pipe and pushing it through to another, which provides water to
    your home.
  • Deep well submersible pumps operate from inside
    the well, which connects to a pressure tank to push the water through to your


It’s important to know this information simply because these
systems are different and each includes features that are not compatible with
another system. Buying the wrong pump for your well system will require you to
return the item.


Here’s a brief overview of the components that are found on
these systems to aid in your understanding of how pumps operate.


  • Pressure switch: Every well pump is equipped
    with one of these switches, which regulates the pressure settings and turns the
    water on and off automatically.
  • Pressure tank: This regulates the amount of
    water pressure. When these malfunction you may notice a decrease in the
    pressure at the faucet.
  • Safety rope: These are only attached to deep
    well submersible pumps so they can easily be recovered from the well.
  • Check valve: All pumps include this feature,
    which keeps the water from returning to the basin after it’s been drawn from
    the well.


If you’re experiencing any problems with your pump or water
pressure, or if you have a leak, begin by finding what is giving you trouble. Homeowners
frequently run into problems with their deep well pump system when a new
appliance that requires a large amount of water is installed in their home. For
example, adding a new full bath onto your master suite will require more water
for the toilet, sink, shower, and whirlpool tub to function properly. Because
all of these appliances require water from your well it’s imperative to check
the horsepower on your existing pump. Updating your pump system will provide
you with an appropriate amount of water pressure for all appliances, both new
and old.